- Leaping into a Lifelong Love for Learning

If you put this child in a class with 14+ other preschoolers, how are they receiving the answers they deserve? We know that you do your research. We know that you compare price to outcome. We firmly believe that you cannot place a price on quality early childhood education, so we do our best to meet you halfway. Free school is a great option for those with no other options and daycare is for babies. You only get one chance at childhood so you better make it a good one. Little Lambs Learning Lab will forever stay under ratio so that our students learn with and from each other in a loving environment where their questions matter. We set the foundation for a successful academic career and strong character. 

•Our curriculum and evidence-based instructional strategies come from an educated and licensed teacher. Our founder has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Clark Atlanta University, a B.S. in Elementary Education from Indiana University and is in the process of earning a M.S. in Language Education from Indiana University. She has taught on the preschool and elementary level. This enables us to better prepare your child for their primary school career because experience is often the best teacher.

•We meet your child where they are; there are no ceilings here! Material is not repeated so much that there is no growth. When your child is ready to move forward but others are not, your child learns material ahead of others. This creates an environment where everyone is learning and learning from each other. 

•Our lambs must learn how to read. When you teach a child to read, you help close the opportunity gap that affects our children starting as early as Kindergarten. Children who read before primary school are often treated different than children who don't. While this is unfair, it is true.

•Our teacher to child ratio is very low. We cater to the whole child so we understand that they must learn to share an adult with multiple children before they start primary school. We understand that they still need someone who knows how they are feeling by just looking at them. We can't do that with twelve other children expecting the same from one person.

•We educate ourselves on the latest research in education and attend workshops, seminars and take advantage of other professional development opportunities throughout the year to give each child the best early childhood experience available.

•Learning goes beyond our walls. Think of how little we would all know if we stayed inside a building every day of our lives. We have field trips every other month (sometimes every month), swim lessons, music and art lessons and visits from community helpers. This is what learning looks like. 

Great children don't just happen. 
They are created in The Lab. 
We Create Childhood!™  

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