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We are not offering Transitional Kindergarten for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Accredited Private Transitional Kindergarten
Nothing prepares your child for success in elementary school like a strong kindergarten experience where academic and social development go hand-in-hand with physical well-being. A balance of individual attention, group activities and a strong foundation in reading and math provides each child with the tools for elementary school success. We use the Connections Academy Kindergarten program along with our own successful resources. Transitional Kindergarten is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program specifically designed for cchildern tho turn five after the state cut off date for kindergarten. It uses a modified kindergarten curriculum that provides a bridge from Kindergarten Prep to traditional kindergarten. Many students move forward to first grade after transitional kindergarten and others are more successful in a kindergarten classroom.
Kindergarten Math introduces students to mathematical thinking and problem solving. Students learn how to identify and write numbers, count through 101, make comparisons between objects, and master basic shapes. Through stories and activities, students are introduced to addition and subtraction, and through hands-on exercises, they learn about money, time, fractions and measurement.
Language Arts
This course lays the foundation for successful reading, using the primary building blocks of phonemic awareness, listening, comprehension, phonics and vocabulary instruction and daily exposure to books. Students begin phonics by learning to name letters and to associate letters with sounds. Then students link letter names to words in their personal vocabularies. By the end of the course, students are able to identify consonant sounds at the beginning and end of words and recognize short vowel sounds. Skills are introduced through classic stories and poems. Language skills and handwriting come together as the student composes journal entries and short narratives.
Throughout this first-semester course, the student will engage in activities designed to stimulate curiosity and highlight the surrounding environment. The course encourages the student to begin to explore two major branches of science by observing, describing, measuring, and questioning the immediate world. The life science units allow the student to examine the living world.  The Earth and space science units provide the opportunity for the student to acknowledge patterns on Earth and in the sky. Throughout the course, the student will be recording daily observations about the moon, weather and everyday habits. In addition, the student will plant seeds, make a rocket and take part in many other fun scientific activities.
Social Studies
Students are introduced to the fundamental social studies concepts of community, nation, and world. Through discussion, students learn about current events, basic chronology, famous people and major holidays. Basic geography content, such as landforms and regions, are introduced, laying the groundwork for future geography courses.
Each child memorizes a poem and recites it publicly every week. This helps children overcome shyness and increases memorization skills.
Using traditional children’s songs, students learn about music’s basic concepts through singing and movement. At this level, the course aims to have students become comfortable with their voices and to develop a clear singing tone. Through movement, students develop fine and gross motor skills as they learn to keep a steady beat, as well as learn how to play rhythm instruments.
Kindergarten Art teaches students basic art concepts, including color, line, and shape. After completing the basics, students work on their fine motor skills and explore artistic inclinations and abilities. Specific activities include drawing with crayons, painting with watercolors, weaving and craft projects.
At the kindergarten level, the Educational Technology and Online Learning course introduces basic computer skills and computer-related terms. In addition to basic computer operations, the course covers the identification and naming of computer components and the recognition of keyboard letters and numbers. The course also includes instruction on using the computer, with parental guidance, as a source to find information. 
Exploratory Spanish is geared for absolute beginners, introducing many basic words and a few common Spanish expressions in an informal, fun way. Songs and engaging information about Hispanic culture encourage students to develop additional Spanish-speaking skills. This course is designed to prepare students for more structured exploration and mastery of the Spanish language.
Physical Development and Health
We dedicate time for our physical and brain exercises daily. These exercises are a combination of outdoor play as well Power Brain Education by Ilichi Lee. Children also learn how exercise, nutrition and proper hygiene keeps them healthy.

Social Development and Character
Good character doesn't just happen. Each Little Lambs student is taught character concepts such as honesty, forgiveness, high standards and fairness from their very first day. Manners matter and the children enjoy learning proper etiquette and good social skills.

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