- Leaping into a Lifelong Love for Learning

Little Lambs Learning Lab is a private, independent school and relies on tuition, fees and donations to support its operations. The school is not supported by any local or state government funds. We strive to provide an outstanding early childhood education at a reasonable cost. Little Lambs Learning Lab families understand, acknowledge and agree that this is a school of limited enrollment. We intentionally provide an environment with a low ratio.

Little Lambs Learning Lab, Inc. agrees to provide a place for your child which may deprive another child of the privilege of enrolling at Little Lambs Learning Lab, Inc.  Further, in the event that your child withdraws from Little Lambs Learning Lab, Little Lambs Learning Lab may be unable to enroll another child to fill your child’s place in the classroom.  Hence, families must commit to one full school year.

Primary Preparatory or Kindergarten Program
August 14, 2017 through June 8, 2018

***ENROLL By September 22nd and tuition is set at only $80 per week for the entire school year.***

CALL 317-500-4455 to inquire about student or family discounts as well as a special rate for qualifying families!

Home Meal Option: $4,730 per year 
(Students bring a nutritious breakfast, lunch and a snack from home. Milk, 100% fruit juice and water are provided.)

School Meal Option:$5,160 per year
(Breakfast, lunch, snack and beverages are provided by the school.)

There are yearly, monthly and bi-weekly payment plans available. A late fee will be assessed for any payments not received before 5:30 P.M. on the due date. 

You tuition includes educational excursions. 

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