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Why Choose Private Preschool and Kindergarten?

Many parents don’t understand why it might be a good idea to pay for private preschool and kindergarten. To answer that you have to look at the individual needs of your child. Kindergarten is the single most important development window in elementary education. It sets the foundation for school success. The achievement gap occurs before they even enter kindergarten.  When children start behind, they often stay behind.
Private Preschool
Private preschool might be a good idea if:
Your child deserves a flexible and creatively controlled curriculum. Public schools have a lot of bureaucracy. Private preschool teachers have the flexibility to change lesson plans in response to cues from the children as they feel necessary. This amounts to a more personalized instruction and a more robust learning experience for your child.
Your child is too young for kindergarten but has mastered preschool material. Private school can move your child up a grade level, if needed or  provide more in-depth instruction.
Your child learns through play and private preschools can determine exactly how much play each child needs.
Your child needs to learn and play with children that are like them. Private schools don't discriminate, but are more selective when it comes to choosing children to enroll.
Private Kindergarten
Private kindergarten might be a good idea if:
Your child is exceptionally bright. A bright child will float in kindergarten not learning much because many children go into kindergarten without the basic skills a good preschool teaches.
Your child already reads. If your child already reads or is close to reading they will deserve more. They will not test out for higher reading (or math) groups until 1st grade.
Your child deserves a smaller class size. Most kindergarten classes are way too over-sized for optimal learning at this age. Private school gives children more one on one attention. 
Your child loves learning and enjoys a fast paced learning environment. Most kindergarten classes have to go slower because of children in the class who have learning delays, children that did not have a good preschool or some student’s language delays. 
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