Chapter 2 Assessments Info/

2.1 Assessments Info R Script

2.1.1 Inputs

It uses the file all_assignments_[DATE].csv to obtain information about which assessments were given each year by the AP-CAT project and which were given by the teachers participating in the study (as practice assignments). This script will need to be re-run by the end of the data collection in May/2020.

This script sorts assignments by pilot year (1 to 5), creator_role (staff, teacher, test), assessment_type (apcat, practice, system-test), and provides information on the due date of each AP-CAT assessment, assessment_id associated with each teacher (creator_id) and class (assessment_group_id) in the study, whether the test was adaptive, whether it was published at the time the data was retrieved from the system. Please use documentation.pdf to match teacher and class IDs with their actual names.

2.1.2 Outputs

2.2 -info .csv file

2.2.1 Description:

This file contains info on assessments administered in the AP-CAT project from 2015-16 (first pilot) to 2018-19 (fourth pilot). It includes information on assignment names, school year it was administered, class and teacher information, and its original due date. This data file may be used to learn which assignments were administered each year, chronological order of the assessments within a year, which assessment IDs belong to a specific assessment, etc. Use of the tidyverse R package is recommended. File was created with the script in Assessments Info/assessments-info.R and using Assessments Data/Raw/IRT\calibration.csv.

2.2.2 Data columns:

  • assessment_id: unique number identifying each assessment created in the AP-CAT system, usually corresponding to one assessment created for each class.
  • assessment_name: name given to the assessment at the time of administration.
  • pilot_year: values 1 through 5, where
    • 1 = 2015-16
    • 2 = 2016-17
    • 3 = 2017-18
    • 4 = 2018-19
    • 5 = 2019-20
  • assessment_type:
    • apcat if assessment was planned by the AP-CAT staff (assessment may have been created for a staff class and should not be included in the analysis)
    • practice if assessment was created by one of the teachers (you may or may not want to include these responses in your analysis)
    • system-test if assessment was create by staff with the purpose of testing the system (responses are also test responses and should be excluded from analysis).
  • creator_id: ID number of the creator account who added the assessment into the system; assessments are added to a teacher’s class by a staff member of the AP-CAT project or by the teacher responsible for that class (in the case of practice assigments).
  • creator_role:
    • teacher if creator one of the teachers participating in the study
    • staff if creator is involved in the project management
  • assessment_group_id: unique number identifying class to which the assessment was administered.
  • is_published: status of the assessment at the time the data was retrieved.
    • If True, the assessment was published, and therefore it administered to students at least once.
    • If False, assessment was not published at the data was retrieved, that is, at that time, the assignment was not visible to any students.
    • If NA, the assessment was not published, and it was not administered to any students. This happens, for example, when an assignment is created on a staff’s account before being copied into an account of a teacher participating in the study.
  • due_date: date (and time) the assessment was due (set by the teacher responsible for the class).

2.3 Assessments Names .csv File

This file is created by the script in Assessments Info/assessments-info.R and it contains a single column with the names of all the assessments that were planned and administered by the AP-CAT staff, that is, it does not include practice assignments created by teachers or system-test type of assessments.

To learn which assignments were administered each year, the chronological order of the assessments within a year, assessment IDs, etc. refer to Assessments Info/assessments-info.csv.

2.4 Assessments QIDs .csv File